Of Dice and Meeple

It’s story time!

I’ve been rolling dice and taking names since I was a wee lad and it became apparent that even at a young age I loved board games.  I would pester my family and anyone else unlucky enough to be left alone with me to play a board game.  Even with the advent of consoles and PCs I always loved to play a game sitting around a table and pitting myself again other flesh and blood opponents.  I played anything and everything and loved learning new strategies and ways to manipulate my opponents.

No matter where life led my playing board games was always a part of it.  You know what?  Games just kept getting better. As a kid we had Clue, Who’s Who, Battleship and all the other “classic games”, now we have amazing games like Small World, Pandemic, Machi Koro and Scythe.  We rewrite the rules, make our own modifications and expansions and crazy house rules.  As a kid all my friends got our copies of Hero Quest and cut up our boards so that we could make huge dungeons that sprawled across the floor and took days to wring dry of treasure and monsters.

Today we have 10 new games a day and it is impossible to play them all or even know the names of them all!  We are going to be publishing, twice weekly,  a series of articles, musings and reviews about everything board gaming (and I mean card games and puzzles as well).  We will share our stories of defeat and victory, our opinions on different games and just about anything we feel is even slightly relevant to gaming in general.

We also look forward to hearing your thoughts and reading your stories in the comments section and who knows you might even get our attention.

So without further ado…